Safe and effective parking solutions

With over 25 years of combined parking and towing experience Lake County Tow is the premier choice for all your parking management needs. LAKE COUNTY TOW provides advanced car tracking and tagging technology to keep your property well-maintained all year long. You’ll never need to worry over suspicious vehicles or vehicles that simply don’t belong on your property. LAKE COUNTY TOW keeps parking areas in order and effectively manages them with our state of the art technology. With this technology we ensure that you will always have the best places to park. Here’s how we do it:

  • Car tracking technology monitors all cars that enter your property
  • Scheduled on property patrolling
  • Private and commercial property towing services
  • Courtesy tagging for specified violations
  • Sophisticated parking management services
  • 24 Hour on call service, for quick response

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We service residential and commercial properties

Central Florida is one of the fastest growing areas in the country. With such rapid growth in commercial, residential and private development comes an increase in parking related issues. Overcrowded parking lots can make life miserable for your residents, clients and customers. The professionals at LAKE COUNTY TOW can help eliminate your parking issues with a wide array of comprehensive residential and commercial parking management solutions including:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Permit programs
  • Tagging
  • Towing
  • Customizable plans
  • Parking solutions mobile management program
  • Photographic evidence of violations

Our parking enforcement services are designed to effectively eliminate unwanted vehicles from your property. Our sophisticated system monitors common parking issues such as time and length of stay violations. The result: safe and clean parking facilities that make life easier for your residents and keep your neighborhood free of unwanted crime.

Please Call LAKE COUNTY TOW today for a complete
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Fill Our Contract For Towing Services

Contract For Towing Services

  • TRESPASS TOWING FROM THE PREMISES SHALL BE AUTHORIZED ON THE FOLLOWING DAYS AND TIMES 7 DAYS A WEEK 24 HOURS A DAY. Any exceptions will be directed in writing and agreed upon by the parties before any changes will be made.

    All towed vehicles will be STORED IN A LOCKED, GATED IMPOUND LOT LOCATED AT 15409 CR 565 Clermont, Fl 34711

    • 1. Fees charged to a vehicle owner shall be consistent with applicable law, See paragraph 7 below. All fees to be charged at vehicle owner’s expense and shall be as follows:
      • A. Class A $120.00 for towing (including first 24 hours) $5.52 per mile and $35.00 per day storage thereafter; $65.00 admin fee.
      • B. Class B up to 20.000 GVW $300.00 for towing (including first 6 Hrs.) $35.00 per day thereafter, $65.00 admin fee
      • C. Class C $375 for towing (including first 6 hours) Plus $6.90 per mile and $60.00 per day storage thereafter, $65.00 admin fee.
      • D. Class D $605.00 for towing (including first 6 hours) plus $10.35 per mile and $60.00 per day storage thereafter, $65.00 admin fee.
    • 2. Signs will be posted at each entrance and exit to the property and shall state as follows: “TOW AWAY ZONE UNAUTHORIZED VEHICLES & VESSELS WILL BE TOWED AWAY AT OWNER’S EXPENSE 24 HRS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK STRICTLY ENFORCED. STATUTE 715.07 “Lake County Towing (352) 227-1229
  • Initialed by Property Representative.
    • 4. By this Agreement, the Property Representative authorizes the Towing Service to remove any unauthorized vehicles, hereinafter referred to as “trespass towing” parked on the following Property: hereinafter referred to as the premises. Please see addendum “A” for all agreed upon towing procedures.
    • 5. Property Representative affirms that he/she is the owner or the tenant of the Premises or the agent/ HOA for or of the owner or tenant and has the authority to enter into this Agreement.
    • 6. The Parties agree that all fees to be paid by the vehicle’s owner or operator for the trespass tow shall be in accordance with the requirements of those ordinances and statutes set forth in paragraph 7 below. Any other fees to be paid by the Property Representative or vehicle owner or agent shall be enumerated with specifically on the back of this agreement, to the extent permitted by law.
    • 7. The Parties to this Agreement shall be governed by and shall comply with the provisions of Chapters 713.78 and 715.07, Fla. Stat., entitled “Towing of Vehicles.”
    • 8. By signing of this Agreement, the parties stipulate that they have read and understood the ordinances and statutes listed in paragraph 7 above.
    • 9. Any change, modification, or amendment in this contract requires the execution, filing and approval of the new agreement. This must be done by both parties.
  • 2018